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The MotorBike Insurer

A leading UK motorbike insurance comparison site that compares prices from up to 40 motorbike insurance brokers to help bikers save money.


The MotorBike Insurer is the UK’s biggest motorbike insurance comparison site


They compare the prices from 40 motorbike insurance brokers and give you the best and cheapest prices for your insurance in the UK – and if you find a cheaper online quote anywhere else, they guarantee to beat it!

They lead the market because their dedicated to motorbikes and you won’t see any other forms of insurance on their site, meaning bikers get their undivided attention.

The service has been comparing motorbike insurance quotes for bikers since 2006 and at that time they’ve provided more than seven million insurance quotes in the UK.

The Bike Insurer Video

They could blow their own trumpet even more but feel that the most telling endorsement they can provide is via their customer reviews.

This Insurer is administered and managed by Vast Visibility LTD and Software Development Partnership (SDP) – it’s their teams that make the insurer what it is!

Their workforce consists of bikers, insurance experts, and the best techies in the business, and it’s that mix that keeps them ahead of the curve as the leading motorbike insurance comparison site in the UK.

Any bike rider will know that insurance premiums never go down BUT, you could save a ton just by going to – The MotorBike Insurer


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