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The Spark Company

The ultimate feminist LGBT+ apparel brand who put their money where their “loud, feminist mouths” are, one ethical, slogan tee at a time.

The Spark Company is one of the ultimate feminist & LGBTQ Pride apparel brands!


A community for anyone that believes in the radical notion that everyone should be treated equally.

It’s on a mission to bring messages of equality and empowerment to our beautiful, diverse community, through fashion.

They know how much you care about people and the planet which is why they promise that products are eco-friendly and ethically made – NO sweatshops – and are proud to donate to some inspiring causes with every purchase, such as the fight to end period poverty.

They’re what people call feminist killjoys, a term that they’re actually quite proud of, and here to put their money where our ‘loud feminist’ mouths are, creating apparel and accessories that scream feminism + equality while whispering quality + sustainability seductively (and consensually) in your ear at the same time!

And because they know that ethical shopping is important to our community, they ain’t no pump and dump brand, their all in, meet your parents, stand outside in the rain with a speaker above their head kinda into this, and we want you to be too.

So yeah, their so much more than slogan tees, drop over to see them today > The Spark Company!


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