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The Wine List

Sign up and begin your wine education today to a monthly wine course focused on two incredible bottles of wine, priced at just £32.00.


The Wine List is a wine education, not just a wine subscription


Each month subscribers will receive at least 2 bottles of wine along with materials to learn about each wine.

Learning about wine has too often been a very stuffy pursuit with so many wine courses requiring you to sit in classrooms, and memorise textbooks. These sorts of wine courses originate from teaching the trade and are well suited – But for consumers, they think there’s a better way.

The Wine List Product Video

At Wine List, their focus is on learning about wine at home in which their 12-month wine course features classes that guide you through your wine adventure. Starting off, you learn how to smell and taste, and then, every month after, you learn the key principles of learning about wine.

They teach you about classic wine grape varieties, but not straight away as they believe that learning principles are most important. And, they have worked in conjunction with a wine expert and Master of Wine student to make sure you’re guided correctly.

Your education and journey learning about wine begins with Wine List

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