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Top 10 Car Parking Tips

When planning that journey shopping, holiday departure, or airport arrivals, follow our handy car parking tips to make life easy.


Have A Means To Pay

Parking - How To Pay

Even in the technological age, not everyone’s comfortable using the new style parking meters where you can pay using a smartphone app or having to use a debit card. If you’re not and where the payment machine accepts cash payments, make sure you have change in the vehicle, just ensure that you hide it somewhere where it can’t be seen!

Don’t Be Rushed

Parking - Don't Rush When Parking

When trying to locate a parking spot, don’t allow yourself to be hassled by other drivers. When you spot a free parking slot on the street or busy airport car park, you may well hold up the traffic behind so show your intent – indicate early.  It’s better to take a few moments longer to park than to damage your vehicle or someone else’s.

Always remember, if anyone’s getting impatient with you holding up the traffic, they, in turn, hold up by other people from parking – what goes around really does come around!


Reverse Into Your Spot

Parking - Reverse Into Bay

When you parallel park, it’s much easier to reverse into the spot than to go in forwards. Equally, in a car park, it’s usually easier and quicker to reverse into a bay than to go in forwards. The downside of this is boot access may not be as easy – but nevertheless, these are two big benefits.

It’s safer because when you leave it makes it much easier to spot hazards such as other cars or pedestrians. And if you’re in a car park, as most people park nose in, it’ll mean your driver’s door is adjacent to the next car’s driver’s side. If there are big vehicles in small bays, this means you can position your vehicle to give yourself room to get out allowing the driver of the vehicle next to your room to get in too. And if you are tight to the car on your passenger side, their driver should still be able to get in.



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