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Top 10 Car Parking Tips

When planning that journey shopping, holiday departure, or airport arrivals, follow our handy car parking tips to make life easy.


Think About Others

Parking - Consider Others

If everyone parked in the middle of the bay, how easy life would be, right? But parking bay sizes are not keeping up with the ever-expanding width and length of our vehicles, especially cars. When you’re stopping in a car park be it a shopping centre or airport, try to position your vehicle in the middle of the bay. If you leave your car right on the white line, chances are, the person in the bay next to you will have to do the same thing. And there will come a point where bays next to walls or bollards become unusable.

And, when parallel parking next to a kerb, look at how the cars in front and behind are parked so leave some space for the car in front’s owners to put things in their boot.  And more importantly, if that vehicle is for a mobility user, they will need to load their wheelchair in the boot – so be considerate!

Keep Valuables Hidden

Remember: most car crime is the theft of items from vehicles so if you’ve bought some presents or duty-free at an airport, put them in the boot away from the prying eyes of opportunistic thieves!


Remember Where You’ve Parked

Parking - Remember Where You Parked

It sounds obvious but when shopping or in an airport arrival terminal, it can be easy to forget where you’ve left the car, especially if parked in a multi-story car park. Simply grab your mobile telephone, take a quick pic of the parking level and bay, that way you’ll know which floor and location you’ve parked on.

If you’re heading off on holiday or even that business trip, use dedicated airport parking services that offer meet & greet who will park your vehicle in their dedicated secure parking zones – on your return, they will even wash your vehicle so it looks clean and ready to go!

So there you have it … great tips to help you when planning that journey whether it be a town centre or airport parking!


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