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️Top 10 Holiday Tips And Tricks

The best 🏖️ holiday tips and tricks, small getaway breaks, and holiday destinations where you won't need to break the bank.

Best family-friendly destinations and weekend getaways that are worth being on any parent’s radar!

The World is filled with brilliant family-friendly holiday and getaway break destinations.

We’re talking breathtaking views, golden sandy beaches, heaps of adventures, and fascinating historic sites to see in the UK and abroad.

Then there are the countless attractions both local and abroad which will be a hit with kids of all ages, not to mention they’re fun for parents to visit too. Of course, with so much on offer trying to narrow it down for your family holidays can be time-consuming.

So we’ve done the leg work for you!

We’ve whipped up our version of holiday and accommodation tips to keep it simple and stay away from the obvious ones that are often repeated time and time again on travel blogs.


Let’s Begin … of course, it goes without saying, always do your homework!

There is a wealth of information online where you can get the ‘low-down‘ on holiday destinations and the two best places we recommend are :

  • Holidays Tips & Tricks – An example of the many thousands of holiday groups.
  • 1. Book Early

    Booking as early as possible is the only way to guarantee the best prices and accommodation- sadly, things book up very quickly around summer, Christmas, and Easter holiday times.

    If at all possible we’d recommend booking up to a year in advance: the ideal time to book a summer holiday, for example, would be the September before.

    2. School Holiday Timings

    If possible, booking a trip in the middle of the School Holidays rather than at the beginning or end can often keep prices lower. Similarly, travelling on a weekday rather than the weekend can often get you a better deal.


    3. Take A Portable WiFi And International Data Sim Card

    If you are keen to go offline as much as possible on your trip, feel free to skip this tip!

    But many parents may find it useful to carry a backup wifi device and international data sim card while abroad. While most hotels these days do offer do provide internet access, you can’t necessarily guarantee its safety or reliability.

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    Moreover, you never know when there’s going to be a delayed plane, missed bus, or another child-boredom emergency!

    Personal recommendations from the PrimeSiteUK team include the Love2Surf international data sim card (which works in Europe, Asia, USA, Africa, and the Middle East) and the Huawei portable internet device- both of which can be found on Amazon.

    So if you arrive unprepared, buy a local sim card just for your holiday, very cheap and could save you a small fortune in roaming fees!

    4. You Can Never Over-Prepare For Long-Haul Plane Journey

    It is possible to have a pleasant long-haul flight experience with kids in tow, as long as you’re adequately prepared!

    Bringing plenty of entertainment, backup snacks, and a change of clothes, and critically – the charging cables for those mobile devices are just a few things to consider.


    5. Always Travel With A First Aid Kit

    This is a family holiday essential – kids understandably get excited whilst on holiday, and the odd bump or scrape is inevitable. So be sure to carry a first-aid kit to provide you with that extra bit of reassurance and peace of mind.

    Essentials include plasters, bandages, antiseptic cream, antibacterial wash and wipes, bite & sting relief, pain relief, sunburn treatment, antihistamine, eye drops (for sand in the eyes!) plus, anything else you can think of!

    6. DIY Rehydration Powder

    This will hopefully not be necessary, but a handy tip to have up your sleeve.

    If you or a member of your family pick up a bug or eat something that doesn’t agree with you in a situation where you can’t get the pre-made stuff, you can make your own rehydration powder by mixing :

    – 6 teaspoons of Sugar,
    – Half a teaspoon of Salt,
    – One litre of clean drinking water,

    It’s that simple: DIY Dioralyte – not delicious, but does the job!


    7. Carry Snacks Wherever You Go

    And we mean, always: there’s nothing worse than a hungry child.

    While it’s important to get kids trying new foods, it can be infuriating to plan a fun day out only to find either there’s a lack of shops or simply nothing your kids will eat – it’ll put both of you in a bad mood, so best be prepared!

    8. Intersperse Activities With Yummy Ice Cream

    It might sound silly, but this is the best way to ensure your kids remain engaged over the course of a long day. Of course, free to substitute ice cream for a more local treat of your choice!

    9. Games

    For the younger kids, having a stock of games up your sleeve is always a good idea on holiday.

    Carry a pack of cards, pencil, and paper, and bear in mind a selection of ‘Eye-Spy’ style games for long journeys. Other personal recommendations from the team include Uno, Dobble, and Exploding Kittens!

    And of course, for the much tech-savvy kids, they’ll be happy with their tablets or mobiles but DON’T forget those charging cables!


    10. Pools, Pools, Pools

    Finally, pools- you can never go wrong with one, they will keep the younger kids entertained for hours on end and give you time to just sit back and relax.

    If need more specific details or have any doubts about your potential family holiday, be sure to speak to your travel holiday adviser as they are best placed to give you pointers.

    And there you have it – and be sure to take a peek at our Accommodation Tips and Tricks!

    In our growing holiday destination section, we’ve taken the pain out of the process by offering some great examples of fab locations and of course, saving a king’s ransom!


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