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🏨 Top 6 Ways To Find The Best Holiday Accommodation

It can be tricky finding the right type of 🏨 accommodation for your weekend getaway or holiday, so we hope this helps!


Our Top 6 Ways To Find The Best Holiday or Weekend Getaway Accommodation

Finding the right accommodation for your break or holiday is vital, but not everyone knows the best tips and tricks.

1. Using Hotel Comparison Sites

There are tons of comparison websites that offer a variety of deals on different hotels, hostels, B&B, and other accommodation options. One of our favorite ways to find great and cost-effective accommodation is to look and scour comparison websites regularly.
Depending on your budget, you will find a range of options from Hotels, B&Bs to Student Hostels, and even apartments.Β  On some of these websites, you’ll be able to subscribe to price and deal alerts so that you are sent a notification when appropriate deals are found.


2. Apartment And Room Rentals

If you have intentions of staying in one destination for a long time, then it is highly recommended that you go for an apartment or a room rental as opposed to a hotel.
This is because staying in a hotel for a long time is relatively expensive compared to staying in a room or an apartment for a similar period. Besides, staying in a room rental or an apartment will give you the conveniences you usually have back at your home, some of which may never be available in hotel rooms. With sites such as accommodation, finding a cheap apartment and room rentals has never been easier.


3. Couch Surfing

Couch Surfing is a concept that has been around for a while and was mostly used by backpackers who traveled on budget.Β  When it comes to couch surfing, all you have to do is make arrangements with a host in your desired destination, and you stay with them for free, while interaction and quality time are typically seen as currency.
The beauty of couch surfing is that you not only save money during your travels but also you get to interact with the locals, helping you to gain a greater understanding and appreciation of their culture.


4. Offline Accommodation

Though the prominence of the internet across the globe has made it possible for thousands of businesses to be online, there are still many players in the hospitality industry that are still offline or are utilise the traditional methods of marketing.
However, one thing worth noting about these options is that they are relatively cheap since they are still not as popular. If you are heading to destinations in South East Asia or South America, you should try keeping an eye out for them. Ask around in forums on websites such as TripAdvisorΒ about the unique accommodation in the destinations that you are travelling to.

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5. Homestays

The other great way to find cheap accommodation or stay for completely free is through homestays.
With homestays, all you have to do is use a service such as Homestay to help you connect to guests who are willing to open their homes to travellers. Depending on your destination, you may not find many options, but the few you do can be awesome, and just like with couch surfing, using homestays will give you a good chance to connect with the locals and stay in comfortable accommodation, in addition to saving a lot of money!


6. Bed & Breakfasts

We have always been fans of B&Bs which are perfect for ‘staycations‘ so whether you’re on your own, with a partner, with kids even a dog, it can be a great experience. All over the UK, B&B gems can be found with friendly, informed hosts and delicious breakfast.
And of course, they are far cheaper than a hotel and in most, we have used tend to have the personal touch and not so commercialised such as Scotlands 4 Star TreeTops B&B based in Fort William.
So as you can see, it pays to do your research and cross-reference them with authoritative review websites so you can drill down to what you looking for – take a peek at our Holiday Tips and Tricks!


We have a growing list of recommended providers in ourΒ  Accommodation Section and where you can get help and free advice!



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