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️Top Tips For Buying Tickets Online

Trying to buy event 🎟️ tickets online can be frustrating but, there a few ways, you can get your gig tickets with less stress!

Tips for buying concert tickets online


These days trying to buy concert tickets online can be a frustrating and stressful experience but, with a bit of planning, you can give yourself the best possible chance of getting your event tickets without all the stress!

Be Prepared

You’ve heard rumours your favourite band/singer are about to go on tour and you are desperate to see them live – this is the time to prepare.

Sign up to your favourite band/singer’s mailing list and follow them on Social Media such as Twitter and/or Facebook as tours are usually announced directly via websites and social channels. Some acts also offer pre-sales to those on their mailing list so make sure you don’t miss out. You want every opportunity to purchase tickets.

Sign Up To Your Local Venue’s Mailing List

Join the mailing list of your local venue (or the venue you want to see the event/show at). They usually send out ticket alerts and sometimes offer pre-sales.


Register With The Big Ticket Agencies

Join the mailing lists of as many online agencies you can track down because they send out ticket alerts because these days there are a lot of pre-sales before the official on-sale date.

So make sure you are in with a chance to get a pre-sale offer by signing up for as many ticket agencies as you can.

TIP : If you have accounts with any ticket agents, make sure all your details are up-to-date because the last thing you want to be worrying about when you have tickets in your basket is typing the right address!

It’s Not All About Buying Concert Tickets Online

Look out for other ways to buy, so as an example, if you’re a Vodaphone or O2 customer, you have access to their ticket priority where you can get access to tickets 48 hours before general sale.


A Word About Presales

Presales are a mixed bag so don’t worry too much about them. Any extra opportunity to get tickets is worth taking, it can go either way. Sometimes you can get brilliant seats other times you might as well be sitting on the roof or in the car park!

On Sale Day

Take a deep breath when you are online line waiting for those tickets, the last few minutes before the on-sale time are the worst – just try to keep calm but, there are a few ways you can make this a lot less stressful …


Login To All Your Ticket Accounts Before The On-Sale Time

You want to be ready to go the minute the tickets become available and not faffing about trying to type passwords and sign in.

Refresh Refresh Refresh …

Just keep hitting that F5 button – doesn’t matter if the page comes up as sold out, keep pressing refresh as tickets often reappear minutes (or hours) later.

People may not buy the seats they are allocated or payments fail so tickets get added back into the pot.

So don’t give up on the first rejection!


Follow The Ticket Agencies Twitter Accounts

The big-ticket agencies often tweet the latest ticket status so you know if tickets are still available or if they are sold out. They’ll announce any extra dates too so turn those notifications on.

Try Calling The Box Office or Visiting The Box Office

If you are having no luck online it might be worth seeing if the venue has a box office telephone number.  They may sell tickets over the phone (watch out for high call charges) as well as online.

Some box offices also sell in person but make sure you check before heading down there so you don’t want a wasted journey.


Consider Another Venue

Some of the best gigs we’ve been to have been far from home and were easier to get tickets for!

Don’t Panic!

It’s very easy to get swept up in the ticket drama and panic buy or even worse, pay over the odds via the secondary market!

No Tickets What Next

Don’t worry, all is not lost…


Keep Checking

Check often with those ticket agencies you found and signed up with – more tickets usually become available in the run-up to an event – you just need to keep checking.

Set Up A Ticket Alert with Twickets

Twickets is a face value (or less) resale platform where you can set up ticket alerts for events you are interested in and get a notification when any tickets are put up for sale.

Be warned though, you have to move quickly as popular tours, tickets don’t hang around for long. If you have spare tickets or can no longer make the show you can sell them on Twickets safe in the knowledge that you are selling to a fellow fan.


And finally … Check On The Day of Show

If your nerves can take it, you can pick up great seats on the day of the show. Just keep checking throughout the day. They usually stop selling online at around 6 pm.

So there you have it, there is no best place to buy event tickets online, so try as many ticket sites as possible to get those event tickets and get to see your show!


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