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The hotel you can be sure of a great accommodation during your stay, taking care of all your creature comforts throughout your duration

Travelodge was the first budget hotel brand to launch in the UK in 1985.

TravelodgeTravelodge now operates over 35,000 rooms in city centres, next to major routes, seasides, airports and countryside locations, so there is always one near to where the guest wants to stay. We also have 11 hotels in Ireland and 6 in Spain.

Millions of leisure and business travellers have grown to rely on Travelodge each year for a comfortable, hassle-free night’s accommodation. Most reservations are made online (approx. 80%) at our website, where prices start at just £19 a night per room (not per person).

The Travelodge chain has on-going growth plans, opening new hotels in popular tourist destinations and city centres such as London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Liverpool. It is continuing to improve its room offering with new King-sized beds in every room and is well underway with delivering its new-look hotel room programme in every hotel.

So if your looking for that competitively priced City stay-over, Travelodge is there for you!

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