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From Aquarium Supplies and Reptile Habitats to Cat Toys and Dog Chews, we have everything Pet Owners need to keep their Canines, Kitties and other Pets happy and healthy!


From aquarium supplies and reptile habitats to cat toys and dog chews, Value Pet Supplies has everything pet owners need to keep their canines, kitties, and other pets happy and healthy



Value Pet Supplies even carries name-brand Puppy Pads, its own line of meaty and long-lasting Bully Sticks with an array of eco-friendly products, along with great furniture, bedding options, and grooming essentials.

What’s more, Value Pet Supplies is on a mission to support rescue operations and promote rescue pet adoption, so every time a customer chooses to save money on pet supplies, they’ll also save pets.

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So whatever you’re looking for to make your pet feel that extra love, drop over to Value Pet Supplies!


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