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Hugely popular Gardening website offering grow-your-own Fruit, Veg and Flowering Plants - delivered directly to your door at a fraction of Garden Centre prices! All products come with our unique guarantee.

YouGarden has established itself as one of the UK’s leading multi-channel garden retailers, selling live plants by mail-order via the internet and other channels.

YouGardenYou will regularly see YouGarden adverts featured in the national press and we are often the featured gardening supplier to shopping TV channels.

YouGarden are lucky enough to have their very own nursery over here in rural Lincolnshire, spanning across 5 acres currently.

Having such, means they are constantly in close contact with their plants and even grow some of their own, or pot on smaller plants to give them time to establish before becoming available to buy.

This means YouGarden can guarantee your plants will thrive because they themselves have grown them!

YouGarden ensure that they give Customers the best range, quality and value for money!

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