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If you are interested in online advertising or appearing within PrimeSiteUK pages, there are several options open to you.

Should your interest lay outside of those areas listed below, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Why Advertise On PrimeSiteUK? :

We’re champions of small online businesses. Giving both shoppers and small businesses a simple one-stop opportunity to some of the best product and services.

With the customer profile information we have, you can reach your target audience to ensure you successfully achieve your business goals.

Sure, no website, not even google can guarantee a sale and whilst they can ‘lead the horses to water‘, they can’t make them drink but they can make sure that your seen!

Our Aims For Advertisers :

PrimeSiteUK’s aims to provide shoppers and businesses with a one shop-stop for products, information and based services. It uses a predominantly graphical interface so as to ensure that it’s point-and-click simplicity allows the user to access a wide range of related products and services within seconds, rather than having to spend hours visiting a range of individual websites simply to find one product or service.

As a result of this approach, we take care in ensuring our daily visitors are supplied with the information they require in the most expedient manner, we are in the position of providing our online advertisers, partners, sponsors with either highly targeted online advertising programs or alternatively, online advertising programs that broadly target all of our customers and visitors.

The range of Online Advertising options that we can provide is quite broad, and as a result we do not operate a standard rate service, preferring instead to tailor an online advertising program to meet a clients specific requirements.

Once we are able to identify a clients requirements, we will then quote a price accordingly.

The range of marketing and online advertising programs that we can provide can include one or more of the following options that best suit your needs :

Banner Advertising :

Banner advertising offers the placement of your 460×60 banner at the top of the page on either a fixed or rotational system. We also provide other banner sizes such as 120X600, 728X80 and 300X250 under the same terms as described.

We offer various pages to exposure your business ad :

1) The Main Front Page,

2) The Front Page of a particular product category,

3) Subsequent pages of a specific product category,

4) On every page across the whole site and across all product categories.

The choice really is yours …

On page advertising :

The most popular and most effective means of online advertising within PrimeSiteUK is the “on page” advertising.

In fact by choosing this option, we regard you as premium advertiser.

There are essentially 2 ways in which to become a premium advertiser :

A large number of our on-page advertisers operate partnership or affiliate programs. If this option is of interest to you, but you do not operate such a program, then we can highly recommend the No.1 program for your business!

Affiliate Window :

“Affiliate Window handle over 750 merchants, ranging from blue-chip brands such as Dixon’s, Boots and Vodafone, to niche retailers looking to grow their online presence. Affiliate Window is committed to developing market-leading technology to assist the performance of both merchants and publishers.”

Affiliate Window will enable you to advertise on not only PrimeSiteUK, but also a wide range of other similar websites, purely on a revenue share basis

If you currently operate a partnership or Affiliate Program, or alternatively are interested in having us provide you with other recommended Affiliate Programs, please contact us.

Direct Advertising :

Many of our advertisers are not interested in partnership or affiliate programs, in which case you can advertise your product or services directly on either a 1, 6 or 12 monthly basis. Pushing your product or service message out there can be a daunting feat faced with the near impossible task battling with the ‘big boys’ who have huge marketing budgets!

So being a small business with limited financial resources, how can you expect to at least get a look-in?

With PrimeSiteUK, we make it ‘reachable and affordable’ and within your cost structure.

Marketing Campaigns :

Everyone talks about what make a great ad campaign on how to push your message ‘out there’ to attract people to your product and services; but how do you do that on a limited budget?

So before you go mad pulling your hair out which way to go, take a moment for a Marketing Giggle

How It Works :

First and as part of the package, we create a full listing post for your business.

This allow us to maintain your listings and banner ads 24/7. Of course if you get stuck or need help, we’re always on hand to update your listing for you.

Then simply decide where you want your ads to appear – pretty simple stuff really.

Examples to give you a flavour where you can get affordable exposure :

The way we display ads is unique as we push the message out using 10, 12, 15 second slot exposure, constantly revolving adverts throughout each visit.

Single Category Page :

1 month – Per Banner Advert – (728X90 – GIF/JPG) – Top Right

1 month – Per Banner Advert – (120X600 – GIF/JPG) – Side Left.

Per Category – £19.00 (1 Month) – £140.00 (12 Months)

Exclusive Category – £1,500 (1 Month) – £15,000 (12 Months)

Whole Category Pages :

1 month – Per Banner Advert – (728X90 – GIF/JPG) – Top Right

1 month – Per Banner Advert – (120X600 – GIF/JPG) – Side Left

Per Category – £35.00 (1 Month) – £500.00 (12 Months)

Exclusive Category – £2.500 (1 Month) – £25,000 (12 Months)

Home Page :

1 month – Per Banner Advert – (728X90 – GIF/JPG) – Top Right

1 month – Per Banner Advert – (120X600 – GIF/JPG) – Side left

HomePage – £100.00 (1 Month) – £2,500.00 GBP (12 Months)

Exclusive – £5,000 (1 Month) – £50,000 (12 Months)

Entire Website :

1 month – Per Banner Advert – (728X90 – GIF/JPG) – Top Right

1 month – Per Banner Advert – (120X600 – GIF/JPG) – Side Left

All Main Pages – £500.00 (1 Month) – £5,600.00 GBP (12 Months)

Exclusive – £15,000 (1 Month) – £100,000 (12 Months)

Of course, there a other areas within our site that you may also prefer so do feel free to ask, always happy to listen and accommodate where able.

Listing Advertising :

We get a lot of requested for listings, so we offer these in three simple and affordable packages.

1) Plain Listing :

Text based listing with Links – £25.00 per year.

2) Premium Listing :

Listing with 1 X 789X90 image, 1 X Video Link and Links – £75.00 per year.

3) Social Listing :

Listing with 1 X 789X90 image, 1 X Video Link, Tweeted and Links – £100.00 per year.

4) Mailing :

We have a mailing list of 8K subscribers – One Off Inclusion – £45.00

Payment : 

  1. Listings :You only pay for your listing once it has been placed and active.
  2. Mailing :We will, if preferred write/compose your Ad for the mailshot and include your link – Advance Payment

Whatever listing you select, you simply send us any changes you would like and we’ll update your listing usually within 24hrs – Simple, Cheap and Effective Marketing!

Method of Payment by PayPal :

To activate your banner adverts just select desired placement, make your secure payment via PayPal and your done.

We’ll email you to obtain your graphics banner and get your free listing account up and running, usually within the hour.

Additional Options :

If either of the above options does not suite your requirements, talk to us, we are prepared to consider other commercially beneficial propositions.

Need To Talk? :

Need a more direct approach to meeting your immediate advertising needs?

Call us using the given details below, we’ll be happy to discuss your advertising requirements!

Privacy, Terms & Policy Practices :

Please take a few moments to read our Privacy, Refund and Terms for further and more comprehensive information.

These are just as important to us, as they are to you.

Help & Support :

If you have any questions with regard ‘Advertising’ such as placing a Listing or Advert, simply send the support team a message, we’ll be sure to respond, as soon as we are able.

Help & Support

Support : 09:00hrs to 16:00hrs – Period : Monday to Friday

Telephone : 07748 72 12 05

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