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Pushing your product or service message out there can be a daunting feat faced with the near-impossible task of battling with the ‘big boys’ who have huge marketing budgets!

So being a small business with limited financial resources, how can you expect to at least get a ‘look-in’ against those BIG Companies with HUGE advertising marketing budgets

Take a look at our advertising section and see how we make it ‘reachable’ and within your cost structure.

We all like a giggle, it’s good for the soul right!

Everyone talks about what makes a great ad campaign on how to push your message ‘out there’ to attract people to your product and services; but how do you do that on a limited budget

There’s an old adage which says :

You can lead the horses to the water but you cannot make them drink…

This simply emphasises that you can make it easy for someone to do something, but you cannot force them to do it!

So back to our giggle segment

This is a great story called “The Truth In Advertising” by Tim Hamilton of Avion Films, about how a marketing campaign is made in which the speakers say what they ‘think’ and not what they should, and yes, most if not all are not blinded by the surreptitious advertising ‘claw’ in an attempt to pull us in!..

So grab a coffee, sit back and enjoy! …

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