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On the edge of Dartmoor in the UK, create a fabulous range of gluten-free flapjacks from the traditional to salted caramel, blackcurrant or clotted cream fudge.

Flapjackery was the concept of two passionate cooks, Carol and Sally who had a mutual love of flapjacks.


Never finding one to love or even like, they decided to try and raise this much-abused food to its rightful status of delicious sweet snack bursting with flavour and energy.

In their Devonshire kitchen on the edge of Dartmoor, they set to create their fabulous and yummy range of eccentric flapjack flavours from the traditional to salted caramel brownie, apple and blackcurrant or clotted cream fudge all now gluten-free.

Since the beginning, their recipe has remained the same, but ensure only gluten-free ingredients are used to develop exceptional and appealing flavours in large, chunky portions.

Their proud to be able to offer a range of flapjacks suitable for both vegans and those who are lactose intolerant.

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Today, they have grown opening their second shop in the charming Cathedral city of Wells, Somerset!

And with plans to expand online, making it easier to distribute their yummy flapjacks, putting a smile on the faces of their valued customers.

So if you love traditional gluten-free flapjacks, there’s more inside > Flapjackery!


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