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Kuhan Rikon

Producing high-quality 🍳 cookware and practical cooking tools that have inspired the World of cooking since 1926.

Kuhn Rikon has been producing high-quality cookware and practical cooks’ tools to inspire the world of cooking since 1926.


It’s simple, their focus is on quality, functional and innovative cookware!

All this is made possible through attention to detail, top-quality raw materials, modern production facilities, and refined manufacturing processes where you will see how serious they are about food preparation with an appetite for modern cooking.

Their Swiss cookware and kitchen products are designed to make healthy cooking faster, easier, and more enjoyable, where their kitchenware is designed in Switzerland – providing outstanding quality.

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They produce beautifully designed kitchen tools and gadgets from can openers, and graters to colourful Colori knives and much more where you can choose from a wide selection of cookware including duromatic pressure cookers, stainless steel saucepans, and frying pans with either uncoated, non-stick, or ceramic linings.

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