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Top Toasters For Toast Heaven

Fed up of burning your toast and looking to create your toast heaven? Then take a look at some of our best toasters.

Toast – it’s what many of us start the day with, but it can be difficult to get ‘toast perfection‘ without a good toaster, right

For something so simple, it’s surprising how many toasting machines get it wrong, particularly with unevenly toasted bread!

And with such a wide variety out there, it isn’t necessarily easy to ascertain which is the right toaster for you. This is why we decided to undertake the important task of reviewing the best toasters out there – from the pricy to the economical ones.

With prices ranging from just £13 to upwards of £206, it can be costly obtaining toast heaven, so how do you choose the best model to suit your needs One or two-slice toasters are good for single-person homes and those short on space however most families will want a four-slice model so you can serve up eggs and toast without anybody having to wait.

Four-Slice Toasters

Four-slice models with two extra-long slots rather than four separate ones are also useful if you like toasting fancy wider speciality loaves. You should also consider a toaster that can handle bagels and crumpets if your family eats them and there are plenty of other bells and whistles to invest in such as warming racks, glass cabinets, defrosting functionality, and countdown timers.

So, we’ve rounded up a selection of toasters from the bells and whistles to budget toasters to help you decide on the right one for you.

Before we begin …

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1. Russell Hobbs – 24200

Russell Hobbs compact once-slice toaster, £29.99 from Amazon – View The Product Here

One of the few single-slot toasters on the market, this tiny design is perfect for small worktops and single-person homes.

It can toast a slice in just 80 seconds and features a variable browning control that lets you select your perfect level of doneness. There’s even a countdown timer and a ‘lift and look’ feature which lets you check your toast’s progress without interrupting the timing!

Reviewers describe the appliance as “If you only toast one slice at a time this could be the toaster for you’”.


2. Smeg – TSF02SSUK

The Smeg toaster is also available in a four-slice design, £206.00 from Amazon – View The Product Here

Design fans will appreciate being able to buy a Smeg toaster to coordinate with their kitchen – the appliance comes in white, black, red, chrome, cream and pastel blue, green and pink.

The silver version is just lovely to behold with a touch of an airstream caravan about it, though neat-freaks may want to opt for a solid colour if fingerprints are going to be a problem.

As well as looking great, this model has all the usual bells and whistles you’d expect at this price point including six browning levels, defrost and reheat functionality and a removable touch-release crumb tray.

Reviewers describe the appliance as a “Stylish toaster, easy to use & keep clean. Wide slots allow for different bread sizes, which don’t get stuck – solid product”.


3. Dualit – CLASSIC 2

Dualit toasters are made in England and built to last, £122.00 from Amazon – View The Product Here

This vario toaster design is the VW Beetle of the toaster world – an iconic piece of mechanical engineering that’s barely changed since it was launched by the West Sussex-based brand back in 1945.

The special twist timer allows you to hone your level of toastiness to perfection and the manual pop-up lever lets you keep your slice warm in the toaster until you’re ready with the butter.

All Dualit toasters score extra points in the eco department too: their ProHeat toasting elements are replaceable, meaning that these are some of the few toasters can actually be repaired if they stop working.

Reviewers describe the appliance as “toasts so evenly and nicely I cannot believe I have lived forty-odd years without one”.


4. Daewoo – SDA1060

Yep, Daewoo actually made a two-slice glass-fronted toaster with glass sides, £49.99 from Amazon – View The Product Here

For those toast purists who simply can’t trust their toaster’s timer function, a glass-fronted model like this one from Daewoo takes all the guesswork out of toasting the perfect slice.

The extra-wide, extra-long toasting slot allows you to toast single slices of wider loaves such as boule and the extra lift function makes it easy to fish out your toast without having to stick knives into it – never a good idea!

Reviewers describe the appliance as “I got toast just how I like them because I could stop the toaster as soon as it was how I like it”.

5. Sage – BTA845UK


This high-end toaster has a smooth motorised eject function, £169.95  from Amazon – View The Product Here

For those prepared to pay a premium, the problem of different types of bread toasting at different speeds is solved by two innovative buttons on this high-end toaster from Sage: the ‘A Quick Look’ button and the ‘A Bit More’ button – Awesome!

This toaster also features a rather satisfying one-touch lowering system and for the impatient among us, an LED strip that tells you how much longer your toast has to go!

Extra-wide slots make the Sage The Smart Toast toaster perfect for branching out into crumpets, bagels, bread and even pastries for all-around toast perfection.

Reviewers describe the appliance as “My Mrs was sceptical, but even she has admitted it made the best slice of toast she has ever had!”.


6. Beko – TAM8202W

Beko Cosmpolis four-slice toaster, £44.90 from Curry’s from Amazon – View The Product Here

It wasn’t its snazzy good looks and all-around versatility that put the Beko Cosmopolis toaster onto our list, though it’s certainly a looker (and even has a matching kettle).

It was the fact that it’s one of the few toasters out there that is able to toast extra-tall bread, the likes of which you get out of a breadmaker – so if you’re committed to your breadmaker, then this is the toaster for you.

Reviewers describe the appliance as “Fresh, clean, efficient and effective with a unique design –  I love it!”

7. Laptronix – Illuminated 2


This comes in at just £12.99 from Amazon – View The Product Here

You get a lot of bang for your buck with this neat and simple budget toaster from Laptonix.

Great breakfast and snack-making appliance in black. With two slots, this toaster makes it easier for you to prepare everyone’s favourite snack in almost no time.

Reviewers describe the appliance as “Basic design but it toasts bread as well as any higher priced toaster’”

So there you have it, our choices of just a few of the best toasters out there – toast heaven!


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