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Genius Ways to Use WD-40

The go-to product to remove stains, silence squeaky hinges, or clean jammed bolts but, did you know that this miracle solution can actually be used for a wide range of other unique tasks?

In 1953, a fledgling company called Rocket Chemical Company and its staff of three set out to create a line of rust-prevention solvents and degreasers for use in the aerospace industry.

Working in a small lab in San Diego, California, it took them 40 attempts to successfully get the water displacing formula worked out. However, what they didn’t expect were the growing, multiple applications that WD40 could be applied!

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WD40 Video

The original secret formula for WD-40® Multi-Use Product – which stands for Water Displacement which was perfected on the 40th try and is still in use today!

Here’s just an insight into brilliant ways you can use WD40 at Home, at Work, and at Play!

WD-40 is the go-to product for many people who want to remove a stubborn screw, silence a squeaky door hinge, or clean the dirt out of a jammed bolt.

But, did you know that this wonderful solution can actually be used for a wide range of other unique tasks

The following examples are just some of the most genius WD-40 uses that most of us have never even thought of, from using it for your bird feeder to detangling fishing lines, from rusty locks to fixing the showerhead.

So we’ve compiled a list of useful things for WD-40 that’ll make you want to head to your nearest DIY store!

Stopping Records from Skipping

Vinyl record collections are making a comeback – and with them, the problem that previous generations of music lovers had to deal with: skipping. These pesky bumps prevent you from listening to your jams smoothly – but this won’t longer be a problem with WD-40.

WD40 Hacks - Stopping Records and CDs from Skipping

The skipping that is so frequent with vinyl records is largely due to how easy the discs scratch. As any vinyl collector will tell you, it seems like even touching the disc the wrong way can damage it. If this happens, though, you can remedy the problem by using WD-40 to lubricate the disc before you put it on the record player.

Unsticking Stuck Zippers

Zippers have a habit of becoming stuck at the worst times – especially the zippers of your favorite, everyday backpack. Once this happens, all the tugging in the world won’t get your zipper to budge and you realize that that’s it – your bag is out of commission.

WD40 HACKS - Unsticking Stuck Zippers

You can use your handy dandy WD-40 to solve the problem. How All you do is apply a bit of the stuff to the zipper pully and move it back and forth. As it works its way into the jammed grooves of the zipper track, it miraculously comes unstuck.



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