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Una Mattress

Revolutionary natural 7-zone mattress with adjustable firmness on both sides of the mattress including a topper and an adjustable pillow!


Experience the revolutionary Una Mattress!

Una Mattress

You will love the mattress-in-a-box revolution

Una Mattress wondered if they healthy, organic mattresses to more people? Could they give them a blissfully comfortable sleep that’s good for the planet too?

So they created the perfect, organic Una Mattress which banishes the toxic-smelling petrochemical foams, fire retardant chemicals, and industrial glues you’ll find in synthetic mattresses. They make their mattresses from 100% organic cotton, wool, and latex, so you can breathe deep and easy, right from the first night.

Una Mattress brainwave was to design multiple comfy layers of organic latex foam: medium, soft, and firm where each layer has 7 zones engineered to give you perfect support. You simply arrange the layers in the order that gives you the deepest, customised sleep – pure genius!

And to make it even better, they deliver your organic Una Mattress™ quickly and give you 100 nights to try it out – with free returns and 100% money-back guarantee. Oh, and a 10-year warranty!

So if you’re looking for the next generation in mattresses see more at Una Mattress!

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