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Berghaus Outdoor Clothing

A leading retailer of clothing and outdoor equipment offering fashionable men, children, and women #clothing styles for all weather conditions.


Berghaus is an e-commerce retailer of outdoor clothing and equipment and one of the UK’s leading clothing brands.


Offering a wide range of clothing and accessories, you’ll love the choices so you are equipped for your next outdoor adventure!

It’s that feeling we all love, being at home in the outdoors, rain, icy winds, maybe even some sunshine… it really doesn’t matter as the outdoors brings us life. Berghaus is the outdoor clothing & equipment brand you can trust; With 50 years of experience in creating clothing, footwear & equipment, using cutting-edge technologies.

Berghaus Outdoor Clothing Video

Both online and in-store, they offer quality and expertise which is second to none with experience of creating outdoor gear that is built to last and be loved across the world.

If you’re looking for purpose-designed, bespoke outdoor fashionwear, take a look at Berghaus!


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