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πŸͺ’ Braun Shavers

Producing a range of πŸͺ’ #shavers at prices to suit all budgets, male grooming products each with the characteristic values of performance and design.


Braun Shavers produces a range of shavers at prices to suit all budgets, each with the characteristic company values of performance and design, never compromising on quality.


Known for its innovation and pioneering designs, Braun Shavers is the market leader in foil shavers. Producing shavers since the 1960s.

With a vast array of male grooming products to choose from, they offer the ideal range to help trim, tidy up, and maintain the look you want. Achieve a perfectly smooth, clean shave with gentle performance and perfect ergonomics to allow the best handling in every situation.

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Browse the wide range of Braun Shavers grooming products and styling tools below, including electric shavers from Series 1, Series 3, Series 5, Series 7, and Series 9, beard trimmers, grooming kits, and of course replacement foils for all shavers.

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