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Clare Florist

Here's a Flower shop delivering beautiful hand-made flowers and bouquets from one of the UK's most acclaimed Florists.


For Clare Florist the journey has been a long, rich and rewarding one.

Clare Florist From their humble beginnings as a small fruit and flower shop in 1978 right up to our present day, Clare Florist status as one of the UK’s most acclaimed and respected online florist.

They have always placed customer satisfaction directly at the forefront of their approach to selling flowers in which they believe that sending bouquets and flower delivery should be a pleasure

Whether you are looking for a personal way to express your affection for loved ones away from you, or make that first impression which will make that special someone smile in years to come, Clare Florist can provide just the right bouquet to get your message across.

Being a family owned business, they believe that sending flowers should be a pleasure. That is why they use only the very best graded flowers under strict quality controls, along with the most reliable next-day delivery service to create the most pleasant and smooth experience for you.

At Clare Florist, each order counts , whether the order is large or small, customer satisfaction is their top priority, meaning that they are always dedicated to ensuring that their flowers arrive on time and in exceptional form every time.

What ultimately makes them unique however, is the experience and expertise which their talented floral design team have accumulated from our past 32 years in the business. These attribute to the colourful inspirations which perfect our every bouquet, taking floral presentation into a whole new dimension which gives them the edge over their competitors.

The artistic arrangements of colours and variety of flowers used at Clare Florist means that for every occasion there is a captivating selection to choose from. That is why their customers keep coming back. And if you are still not convinced, do take a look at their customer reviews on what they have said about their experience with them.

So now, pick the bouquet that feels the most irresistible to you and leave Clare Florist to do the rest!

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