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Colossyan Creator

Without any advanced video skills, simply type in your text and have a video ready in 70+ languages within minutes!

Leave studios, actors and expensive equipment behind and generate studio-quality videos with Colossyan Creator!


They provide customers with user-friendly video-generation software that magically transforms text into videos featuring AI actors.

Whether you’re tight on time or simply don’t have the production budget, you can now create video content for all your business needs with actors that are camera-ready on command.

Convert dull PDF or PPT files into engaging video reports and educational videos to train and onboard staff or explain your product or service.

Personalize marketing content for social media or your website.

Choose from a large cast of synthetic actors that speak over 70 languages to generate videos to help you reach a larger, more international audience.

Add subtitles for better understanding or offer your viewers the option to watch while on the go.

Captions also help improve your position in search results by ranking with on-page SEO.

Use the templates provided or design your own scenes to create a consistent aesthetic throughout all your communications.

Colossyan Creator Video

How does Colossyan Creator work

Generating a video in Colossyan is simple and doesn’t require any video editing skills.

  • Paste your text into the script box (Colossyan will auto-detect the language),
  • Choose an actor to perform your script,
  • Add scenes until your video is complete,
  • Generate a video in under 10 minutes

Colossyan offers a complete range of features to help you create realistic videos with little effort.

Premium Features …

Colossyan’s Enterprise Plan includes premium features that allow you to save Brand Kits, create a custom avatar actor, include up to 4 actors in one scene for realistic dialogues, upload your own voice or even auto-translate your videos with a click.

With clients like the State of New Mexico in the United States and the City of Linz in Austria, Colossyan is revolutionizing the world of video production.

Whether you’re a large corporation, an agency with multiple clients or a single creator, Colossyan offers an easy-to-use video production solution.

All this and more – get started with Colossyan Creator today!


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