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FacePlant Sunglasses

Sustainable sunglasses are made with 5 recycled plastic bottles, using biodegradable and replaceable lenses making 😎 them freakishly indestructible.

FacePlant Sunglasses had a goal to build the most sustainable sunglasses brand out there.


This wasn’t an easy task, where virgin plastic and questionable business ethics are rife.

They could have cut corners and turned a blind eye here but that isn’t what they are about it’s about having fun, being out there amongst nature enjoying every aspect of this beautiful planet – sustainability doesn’t have to be boring.

Plastic is a huge problem where approximately 7 billion plastic bottles are used every year in the UK alone and even worse is that only 45% of these bottles are recycled.

They don’t just recycle plastic bottles, they upcycle them where frame takes 5 plastic bottles out of this cycle and puts them on your face.

The properties of this plastic are perfect for sunglasses, incredibly durable but can also be recycled.

The lens is always the weak point of any pair of sunglasses, they’re easy to scratch, and once scratched badly enough, they become unwearable.

So, they decided to make their sunglasses lenses out of bio nylon polymer, a material that is exceedingly tough and impact-resistant.

FacePlant Sunglasses Video

The frames are designed to be tough, really tough so they designed them in a way that they can be totally flattened, under a car, or your bum, or in a bag, and they will pop back into shape.

The flex Hinge means you can stretch them out too, and they won’t snap and are built to be incredibly tough, lasting you a lifetime.

So now you have incredibly sustainable sunglasses which arrive in biodegradable plastic packaging for keeping your sunglasses safe and of course, include a soft microfibre bag made from recycled plastic bottles – perfect for keeping your sunglasses scratch-free and clean!

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