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Lifestyle & gift shop for people with imagination who are on the hunt for the next cool thing in cool gadgets!


Firebox is for the independent spirits who believe in the power of imagination.

Firebox GiftsThis lot are the ‘left-field’, the ‘weird’, the ‘different’, and your alternative lifestyle shop selling a highly curated mix of unconventional lifestyle accessories, tech, food, drink, and gifts ‘with a twist’.

Firebox collaborates and partners with like-minded independent makers to create original products for people who embrace our ‘Not For Everyone’ attitude.

And, if it doesn’t exist yet, then Firebox will make it themselves with their ‘Created by Firebox’ range.

Firebox invented the ‘Mystery Box‘ because they got bored with everyone getting exactly what they asked for, after all, gift-giving used to mean something – so what happened to the risk, the suspense the surprise? So this bunch bought it all back where you put your fate in their hands and treat someone to a bit of mystery.

So you see, they’re constantly re-thinking the way they see the World and the things they surround themselves with, and the best part of course – they share it all with you!

Pop over, have a browse and a giggle, and see the madness at Firebox today!

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