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Fragrances inspired by natural beauty, a sprig of gorse, a breath of sea air and a pinch of seasoned wood, evocative scents of Scotland

Arran began in 1989 when, inspired by the natural beauty surrounding the Isle of Arran, Janet and Iain Russell started handcrafting luxurious fragrant soaps.

Keen to gift visitors to the island an unforgettable memento of their stay, the collection soon evolved into bath, body, home fragrance and perfumery products; each aromatic blend named after an island location.

Since then, Arran has grown significantly since those early days, though always held true to their heritage. The Isle of Arran remains our heart and our inspiration; fueling their creativity and passion for beautiful things, beautifully made.

A sprig of gorse, a breath of sea air and a pinch of seasoned wood… it was a love of Arran’s vibrant and evocative natural fragrances that laid their foundations and inspired a pursuit for scents that soothe, seduce and beguile.

From skincare and perfumery to bathing experiences and home fragrance, behind every product blend lies three decades of profound pride in their island home.

More than just fragrances – that’s Arrann of Scotland!

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