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Reboxed Tech

A better way for consumers and businesses to sell, swap, use tech, it also buys and refurbishes tech and sells it on, and what's great, saving the planet!

Reboxed is a better way for consumers and businesses to sell, swap, and shop used tech!


They’re advocates of smarter and more sustainable solutions for used tech, that’s better for the customer’s pocket and better for the planet.

Recycling your old tech means you become a key part of their mission to rehome 100m devices by 2030 and significantly lower carbon emissions caused by tech.

With prices on average 30% cheaper than brand new or with other retailers, they represent a huge saving for customers.

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Using their Tech Check service, they’ve gone beyond the industry standard to offer customers the best price for their used tech.

This tech checker is available via the app, customers simply follow the process to get an accurate price.

From there it gets even easier; they arrange to pick it up, and as soon as the device is received, you get paid on the same day.

So recycle your old tech and get paid with Reboxed Tech!


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