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🍷 5 Reasons To Love Drinking Wine

There are so many reasons why to love drinking 🍷 wine, one of the main reasons is that it can be associated with a particular event, times, or place.


One of the main reasons for drinking wine can be associated with a particular time, place, or memory.

That’s the thing with good food and good wine, it is woven into that moment of our life experiences.

When it comes to wine, the taste, the bouquet, or simply the wine-drinking experience itself can elicit a memory of a time or place… that special event or first date.

It’s important to remember that drinking wine is about moderation, and as with all good things, over-drinking is never a good idea. When enjoyed in moderation, the wine offers many benefits to your cardiovascular health which we’ll cover later on …

Our Top 5 Reasons For Enjoying Wine :

So what wine makes food taste better? ...

We all have had the experience of tasting wine, some good, some not so good, some surprisingly affordable, and some that only a lucky few get to taste. But the real beauty of wine is that it makes food taste better.

If you have the right match, then both the flavour of the wine and the food enhance each other β€” and that’s pretty incredible.


There’s great satisfaction in pairing wine and food flavours, and trying to do so in such a way that it provides pleasure to both you and your guests. Just as with people, when it comes to wine and food pairing, some matches are made in heaven.

Wine tells a story about where it comes from ...

Speaking of flavour, another reason to love wine so much is that, unlike any other beverage, wine tends to β€œsoak up” the earth. In other words, what you drink reflects the environment, the climate, and the geography of the land from which the grapes are harvested.


Experts can taste a wine and accurately visualise and describe exactly where it comes from. That’s what the French call β€œterroir” but it simply is the characteristic taste and flavour imparted to a wine by the environment from which it came.

Wine is tradition and history ...

Wine has a rich tradition and history – Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans were cultivating grapes to make wine thousands of years ago – wine really is history in a glass!


It enhances special occasions ...

Wine tells the story of your life, that first glass, that special occasion such as a wedding, an anniversary, a dinner date.

Wine improves your health ...

Research proves the health benefits of drinking one or two glasses of wine per day. It provides antioxidants to reduce the instances of heart attacks and strokes. Having over two glasses per day is not advisable as all health benefits are lost, thus the effect of alcohol and excess calories set in.


So you see, there are many reasons why to enjoy a good glass of wine, not just the memories but also the health benefits!


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