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πŸ’„ Alyaka Organics

Passionate and alluring about discovering niche and organic beauty brands worldwide offering a range of fragrances, organic skincare, body care, and πŸ’„ makeup.


Made up of small, but highly qualified creative thinkers and beauty enthusiasts, Alyaka Beauty leads through example, putting their passion at the forefront of their endeavours


They want beauty, quality, and ethical living to be a way of life again, which means that they continuously scour the world to bring you exceptional beauty products that are safe, luxurious, effective, and ultimately β€˜good’ for both you and the planet.

Founded in 2014, Alyaka’s become home to a curated selection of natural and organic beauty brands. The ultimate destination for the open-minded, those who enjoy asking questions and choosing their own way.

Today, they’ve been constantly giving customers the opportunity to choose their own signature brand, becoming an integral part of that brand’s story. The brand artisans and their customers can converge in a central destination β€” the Alyaka β€” to share their loves and passion for niche beauty products, while cherishing the uniqueness of handcrafted ingredients.

You can also keep up-to-date with their beauty product range via their social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, GooglePlus, Pinterest, and their Beauty Product Magazine!

If you’re looking for that something a little bit special >Β  Alyaka Beauty!


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