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πŸ’Ž E&E Jewellery

#E&EJewellery is a jewellery πŸ’Ž maker in London renowned for making the finest sterling silver gifts, pearl, and gemstone jewellery.


E&E Jewellery first began in 2009 with one clear vision in mind – to provide handmade jewellery to customers all around the world


Their story started in the wholesale market segment, where we supplied upwards of 3,000 retailers ranging from independent boutiques to some of the most renowned names on the high street.

It was the idea of being able to provide this handmade jewellery, as well as other types such as evil eye jewellery and silver jewellery directly to customers in the UK. And so, this is what led them to proudly open their first London Shop just years later …

E&E Jewellery Video

E&E Jewellery has a passion and love for providing customers with stunning handmade jewellery, evil eye jewellery and silver jewellery which has led them to open up 19 different stores across the World – including boutiques in Madrid, Miami London, Lisbon and Istanbul.
The brand is driven forward by their desire in making your special days even more special and achieve this by providing their dazzling handmade jewellery and silver jewellery to customers, just like you.

There’s so much more to tell about this unique jewellery maker as E&E Jewellery are best seen for yourself!


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