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IndeJuice Vaping

Commonly described as 'the Amazon of 'Vape Juice' IndeJuice holds one of the largest collection of direct-to-consumer e-liquids in the world.

IndeJuice Vaping was founded in 2017 to help connect vapers to undiscovered juice makers, and quickly became the UK’s leading eJuice marketplace in an up-and-coming industry.


On March 5th 2019, we launched ‘Phase 1’, the first of 3 profound steps designed to propel the eJuice industry into a new era. The future is full of revolutionary possibilities, future IndeJuice aims to bring to fruition.

Amongst these innovations, their proprietary Prime Vape Safety Certification has created a whole new level of consumer safety that tens of thousands of vapers rely on.

By only allowing the official TPD compliant manufacturers themselves to sell on IndeJuice, they have created an enhanced level of consumer safety excluding all middlemen from the transaction. This means that customers can be assured of the authenticity of all the products on IndeJuice as they can only be sold by the vape brand itself.

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Thier IndePlus Vape Delivery Subscription service is the first in the UK to offer Unlimited Free Next Day delivery on all vape products and is currently one of the most popular vape subscription service in the UK allowing vapers to enjoy next day delivery with no minimum order requirements.

So if you’re looking for unique, wider-ranging vape juice, you’ll love IndeJuice Vaping!


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