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Natural Collection Homeware

A UK's leading green 🏡 homewares shop offering a department store range of ecological fair trade products from clothing to garden ware.


Natural Collection Homeware is the UK’s leading and award-winning green shop offering a department store


They offer a range of ecologically considered products from organic cotton to fair trade.

A whole range of clothing and accessories, gorgeous homeware and garden ware, energy-saving gadgets, organic cosmetics, eco-cleaning products, and much more.

They check every product so you can purchase in eco-confidence and have been at the forefront of ethical retail, promoting fair trade and environmentally considered products.

Each item is carefully researched and selected to promote ecological and sustainable manufacturing practices.

Natural Collection Homeware supports fair trade products in order to help alleviate poverty and ultimately give poorer communities dignity in the knowledge that their products are selling within a competitive marketplace and not because of charitable or sympathetic patronage.

With a philosophy of positive choices by the many, we can all have a tremendous impact on the collective ethical evolution.

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