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Quaz Business Cards

A digital business card with a difference that not only is it better for the environment to use a digital business card, but it is also much cheaper than printed ones!


Quaz Business Cards is leading the way with a more efficient and effective means of making meaningful connections.


How often have you received a business card and found it a year later tucked away in your wallet?

In a world dominated by social media, they have created an elegant and eco-friendly way for outdated business cards to enter the digital age.

With its innovative technology, it launched its Digital Business Card which will save you money on printing and enable you to grow your business contacts faster, all while reducing the World’s carbon footprint.

How many business cards have you handed out over the years that now have outdated information?

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In addition to the cost-cutting attributes and communication capabilities, your Digital Business Card can be updated instantaneously so that all of your old and new connections can access your current details, ensuring that no interaction is wasted.

By simply scanning the customised QR code, your new contact will be instantly directed to your online business card even if they don’t use the official application.

Those that have the app, they’ll be able to save the contact, add notes, and share their details.

With verification and activation processes in place, you can be confident that you cannot be impersonated.

Continuing to evolve and adapt their innovative technology, and are also in the process of launching a number of fantastic new features.

The upcoming search feature will allow users to search for keywords based on their notes from individual profiles that they have connected with.

All notes will remain completely private so that you can utilise them for continuing to make meaningful connections.

In addition to the search feature, there will also be an embedded location feature which will allow you to recall the place where you initially made the connection, ensuring that you can find the right contact and capitalize on a business relationship.

You can see more at Quaz Business Cards today!


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