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Can be tricky keeping stationary under control and finding the right resources for replenishment even harder, so here are our stationery tips.


Here are our tips on how to get organised in the workplace but can also work at home too

We love stationery but we know that often in the office and at home it can start to feel a bit cluttered and disorganised, especially when it takes you an hour to find a working pen!

So let’s get started by taking all of your stationery out of your desk, out of holders, etc, and lay it in front of you.

This way you can see everything and establish what’s working, what needs throwing away (in the recycling hopefully), and what belongs to anyone else.

Have An Office Swap Shop

Set up a spot in the office where people can leave unwanted stationery for other departments to use as your empty file folder might be just right for someone else’s documents.


Make Spiral Notepads Last Longer

Have you ever noticed that most people write on the page facing them in a spiral notepad meaning 50% remain unused when they get to the end – why not just turn it back-to-front and start all over again?


Turn Your Printouts Into Notepads

Unless you’re one of the few people that use double-sided documents, everything you print has one side blank. So collect all those pages and turn them into a makeshift notepad – simply staple them together!


Extend The Life Of Your Printer

There are a few tips here, but the first one is to dust the outside of the printer each week and to clean the inside using a can of compressed air – and, save money by refilling your ink cartridges!


Stop Your Pens From Drying Out

Pens and highlighters can dry out very quickly and they are not cheap, so when finished using them, put the pen cap back on so when you or a colleague using them again, they are not dried out!


Oil Your Shredder

Oiling your office paper shredder (which is not cheap to replace) and help the machine keep going for longer, be sure to grab a can of WD40 and give it a quick periodical spray.


De-Clutter Your Computer

Just like an office desk, computers can fill up very quickly with junk files which slow your PC down resulting in less performance. Run file-cleaning software, defragment your drive, and scan for viruses to keep it PC running smoothly.


These are just a few simple ways to improve productivity by keeping your office stationery in a managed state can save you both time and money!


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