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Boody Fashion

A thoughtful, sustainable, softest, most comfortable 👚 clothing essentials using naturally grown, organic bamboo.

Boody Fashion was born in 2011 along the beautiful eastern beaches of Sydney, Australia.


Conceptualised by two best friends who combined their passions for fashion and health to create an eco clothing brand with comfort, style, and health at its core.

Today, Boody is available around the world, with a shared aspiration to make their customers look and feel good and want to bring you a truly sensory experience in your everyday essentials, using natural materials that are in greater harmony with the planet.

They’ve anchored themselves in the heart of Sydney to stay close to their roots with a passion for people and the environment that inspires them in everything they do. Their small team takes pride in making customers a priority and listening to your feedback is essential to them.

They are continually on the lookout to design new and innovative everyday essentials to meet the needs of both environments and health-conscious customers who enjoy affordable luxury clothing that doesn’t cost the earth – literally!

So with all that said, it’s best to hop over and see Boody Clothing for yourself!


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