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So You Want To Write A Guest Post For PrimeSiteUK.Com

Do you want to contribute to our site?

To become a guest author, a guest writer, or a guest contributor, submitting to PrimeSiteUK.Com is very simple :

1) Make sure you match our requirements (see the guidelines below)

2) Pitch us your guest article/guest post/content idea directly within our Guest Post Form

3) Make sure to include your name, email, and website

4) Provide details about the proposed content i.e. suggested title, article content, links, images

When we have received and reviewed your request, we will respond.

Guest Posting & Contributors Guidelines

We look for and welcome high-quality guest posts and sponsored content.

So to ensure all submitted content match our expected level of quality, here are a few guidelines & requirements :

Topic Related : Your guest article should directly relate to the blog categories selected/submitted.

Original Content : A submitted article has to be unique and owned by you in which no part of the content and images should have been published anywhere else.

Links : Any links within the article must not be changed after the article has been published – else, it will be deleted.

Affiliate Links : You may not include any affiliate links – submitted articles and any/all links will be verified prior to approval.

Quality and Actionable : The article has to be of high quality. When visitors and subscribers to PrimeSiteUK read it, they get value from the content.

Content Rich : Articles should not be promotional content but more informative.

Article Length : The article should be at least 800 words minimum of up to 2000 words so the chosen topic is a complete and engaging way for our audience.

Trusted Links : Only five (5) links to trusted sources (sufficient traffic and authority) permitted in each article.

Relevance : Every link should be context relevant and bring value to our subscribers / readers/ visitors.

What We Then Do ...

1) PrimeSiteUK reserves the right to edit submitted articles and edit or unpublish them at any time thereafter.

2) Opinions expressed in a submitted are those of the author and not of nor of its owners.

3) These guidelines can change any time to time without early notice.

4) By submitting an article, you agree to these submission guidelines.

So, if you agree to the above guidelines, become a guest blogger and submit an article today!