JW PEI HandBags

You'll love this brand, they design ladies vegan leather handbags with the core concept of ethical and sustainable fashion.


JW PEI is based in Los Angeles, a US accessories brand founded by a husband and wife duo



The inspiration behind the brand was based upon the idea that fashion should be accessible, effortless, and empowering

JW PEI Handbags is a Vegan and trendy accessories brand which as the heart of the brand is its unique concept in applying a minimalist design approach in sustainable vegan materials.

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The inspiration behind the brand comes from the concept of fashion should be affordable and sustainable. Since becoming active in 2018, JW PEI has made considerable progress since the establishment of the brand and fast becoming an essential accessory destination for the 15-35 age group.

its modern minimalist aesthetic puts forward and seeks to celebrate feminine beauty and strength through fun and creative fashion. Sustainability is in JW PEI’s DNA who uses high-quality canvas, polyurethane, and certified fabric made from recycled plastic bottles.

With a large growing product line, we couldn’t do it justice in this review, so recommend that you pop over and see for yourself at JW JWPEI!


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