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Offers affordable infrared patio πŸ”₯ heaters and export thousands of heaters across Europe that are all designed in the UK


In the Summer of 2015, the owner of Castle Heaters, Jonathan was in the market for a patio heater for his garden.


After looking online, prices for patio heaters seemed very expensive and of lower power, quality, and inefficient energy sources.

When looking into patio heating, it became apparent that Infrared heating would be much more efficient and better than conventional patio heaters. Old traditional conventional patio heaters heat the air directly, this means that a lot of the heat is lost. Given that hot air rises and pushes the colder air downwards, what ends up happening is that there will always be cold air that needs to be constantly reheated – leading to inefficient heating.

Infrared heating is a much more efficient way of heating as instead of heating the air directly, like a conventional gas heater, infrared heaters emanate heat and heat objects instead, like the chairs, the walls, and most importantly, you. Then that heat is released through the objects to ensure a gradual spread of heat across the room.

So, he decided this would be even better for outdoor heating as Infrared heating is not impacted by the wind like your conventional heater. In the UK, it can be very windy at times, so it was clear to see that Infrared heating was the way forward for patio heating in the UK.

The plan was to design an affordable, high-quality Infrared patio heater, with a large power source at affordable prices for consumers. They first designed the KMH-20R which was and still has been a huge success with its 2 heat settings, remote control, and IP65 (water-resistant) rating. They have since expanded our range with the 3KW version and free-standing heaters range. More recently, they have expanded into Indoor panel heaters and have got even bigger plans for 2021 with a new range of products.

At Castle Heaters, they now specialise in Infrared heating and export thousands of heaters across Europe that are all designed here in the UK.


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