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FirmsAbs Fitness Equipment

A professional women’s fitness brand, manufacturer, and online retailer with high standards of quality in sports apparel.


FirmsAbs Fitness Equipment is a professional fitness apparel & accessories brand that serves fitness enthusiasts from all around the world.


They combine function, aesthetics, and performance materials, we are on the cutting edge of the future of fitness fashion.

It’s a professional brand for women’s sports and fitness. With innovation as the driving force, FirmsAbs Fitness Equipment is committed to creating more professional and fashionable high-quality sports and fitness clothing for women around the world, to meet the needs of training, yoga, running, and other sports forms and daily wear!

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In 2013, when JuJu decided to change herself through fitness, the first thing she did was to choose the right sportswear. JuJu is a fashion expert. Her ideal sportswear should not only be suitable for professional fitness training but also be fashionable and good-looking. She was very frustrated when she went through shopping malls and online shopping websites and didn’t find satisfactory ones.

With much more to offer, visit FirmsAbs Fitness Equipment!


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