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Jigsaw Massage

Here's a percussive massager that delivers cheap, professional muscle recovery to everyone and works right out the box using - a jigsaw!

Jigsaw Massage is a percussive massager founded by Bryan Miller, a 2014 CrossFit Games champion.

Jigsaw Massage

After finding CrossFit in 2008 while training for the Navy, Bryan became a personal trainer.

He saw clients spending thousands of pounds on worthless recovery methods so he figured there had to be a better way to get professional-grade recovery without breaking the bank.

After working tirelessly for months, he invented a custom bit that fits into most jigsaws and thus, Jigsaw Massage was born.

After seeing it’s amazing results during his own post-workout recovery regime, he began selling the these adaptive jigsaw heads locally through his local gym.

To say the response was overwhelming, was an understatement!

Jigsaw Massage aims to bring cheap, professional recovery to everyone, so bryan designed the massage heads to work out of the box with most jigsaws…and yeah, we love it!

Say goodbye to £400+ recovery guns and hello to the best solution to sore muscles around – Jigsaw Massage!

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