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The Wee Tea Company

They have been blending teas in Scotland since 2012 where their luxury teas are served in the finest Hotels and Restaurants in the UK. Great luxury teas direct to tea lovers everywhere.


The Wee Tea Company knows everyone drinks tea and is often said, “a cup of tea solves everything”!


The Wee Tea Company has been blending teas in the UK since 2012, the availability of luxury loose leaf was low, the main offering in the UK was dusty poor quality tea.

The coffee Industry was saturated and consumers were looking for something new and it soon became apparent that the Wee Tea Company’s mission was to make luxury quality loose leaf tea available to everyone.

Over the years they have very much become experts in Tea, Tea Blending, and flavouring and now offer a huge range of affordable teas and tisanes on their website to both wholesale customers and now more than ever are selling directly to tea lovers everywhere.

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They sell the most popular blends, Breakfast Tea, Earl Grey, and Gunpowder Green Tea but also specialise in blending some tasty caffeine-free alternatives. 

Their most popular caffeine-free fruit teas include Rhubarb Rooibos Tea and Mango Mash-Up where their online shop offers one of the largest selections of teas on the internet!

They also work with the best 5 Star Hotels and their tea is served in some of the finest restaurants in the UK and offers various blends of tea which are special, artisan, and still hand-blended and packed in the UK.

So whether your a connoisseur of tea or just enjoy an original blend, they have it all for tea lovers everywhere at The Wee Tea Company!


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