Top 10 Car Parking Tips

When planning that journey shopping, holiday departure, or airport arrivals, follow our handy car parking tips to make life easy.


Whether it’s parking at Airports, Christmas Shopping, Boxing Day Sales, research shows that most people will drive to their destination.

And that means when trying to park in shopping centres, busy high streets or airport terminals is difficult if not impossible, so here’s our top 10 parking services and tips whatever the time of year…

So in this article, here are our top 10 parking tips and dedicated parking services!

Research Before You Go

One of the most wasteful aspects of parking is using fuel doing laps of a town centre or airport looking for somewhere to park. Research and plan where you’re going to park before you go and have a list of parking places in order of convenience.

Where You Park

Parking - Where To Park

For peace of mind, try to choose a car park that’s designed and approved for both its location and security, check reviews. If you are unable to use dedicated services and you’re worried that a car park isn’t safe, try to park near to the lifts or the exit where there are likely to be more people around. Ideally, you don’t want to be doing laps of a town centre or airport trying to find a space to use


Check Parking Stay Times

Some Councils and Airports suspend or discount charges over the Christmas period to encourage travellers and shoppers. You don’t want to be caught out with a parking ticket or parking fine at any time of year so make sure you know where and when charges are being enforced – especially at airports!



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