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Tweak Slumber

The World’s first customisable mattresses, designed to fit everybody without compromise giving many their best night’s sleep.


Launched in 2014 by a team of passionate sleep enthusiasts, Tweak Slumber has helped to improve over 2 million nights of sleep.

Tweak Slumber

After recently expanding, they now have two unique customisable mattress designs called DUO and NREM.


Designed exclusively for couples who don’t want the same when it comes to mattresses. Each sleeper can customise their side of the bed to their own personal choice of comfort.

Resting upon a supportive core of 1000 pocket springs is a ‘split-comfort’ foam layer. This layer will be customised to each sleepers’ personal firmness preference on their side of the bed. There’s also a cooling foam layer that provides airflow and temperature regulation. The mattress is seamlessly split, so there’s no ridge or uncomfortable zips in the middle.


Designed for those who struggle to sleep due to aches and pains, NREM is the only mattress that gives different levels of comfort and support for different parts of the body.

Using different densities of deep foam inserts in the firm, medium, and soft, sleepers can customise all 5 zones of the mattress to provide soft comfort for painful areas and support where needed to maintain good posture and spinal alignment.

But to truly see the full premier of mattresses, take a closer look at Tweak Slumber 🙂

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