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Get the best property price deal for your home or business with a local property agent!

Yopa, the pain-free world in buying or selling property!


Yopa bring a level of personal service that earns them rave reviews, but before this, 98% of home-buyers go searching online.

So yes, they’re at the forefront of technology, at the heart of the market, slap-bang-centre in the eye-line of where today’s buyers go searching!

With Yopa, people have complete control over their sale with their own personalised online dashboard which they call the ‘YopaHub‘.

And because its the ‘21st century’ because Yopa are a fixed-fee agency, with none of the expensive high street offices that make traditional estate agents’ fees so high.

‘Pain-free’ because Yopa have the technology to make the whole moving process as simple and transparent as humanly possible. Now, they may reign online, but human beings are ‘human beings’, and they like to know that they’re dealing with other human beings, so they made sure that they recruited the best of them.

At every turn, whenever you come across someone from Yopa, you’ll find a decent, knowledgeable professional.

It didn’t exist, so they invented it > Yopa – Seriously, why not?

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