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The no.1 UMF™ Manuka honey producer from New Zealand producing sustainably sourced, certified UMF™ Manuka Honey, fully traceable from source-to-shelf.

Comvita is the global leader in Manuka Honey and a pioneer in natural health and wellness.


Co-founders and fellow New Zealand beekeepers, Claude Stratford and Alan Bougen, shared a vision of the healing power of nature.

They believed food is the best medicine and that nature has the answers.

Today, nearly a half-century later, their mission to connect people with good health has blossomed into a global movement.

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Founded in 1974 and publicly traded on the New Zealand Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol CVT, the company provides health-conscious consumers with sustainably sourced, certified UMF™ Manuka Honey products, that are fully traceable from source to shelf.

Crafted wild unpasteurized and non-GMO Manuka Honey from the pristine forests of New Zealand.

Their high-strength targeted use of Manuka honey, natural herbal elixirs, honey lozenges, children’s range and clinically proven Manuka honey wound care products!

You’ll love natural Manuka honey, and much more at Comvita!


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