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Box Secure Data

Now you can share and edit all your team’s files securely stored in the cloud so they can access and share files in real time from any device!

Box lets you secure, share and edit all your files from just about anywhere.


All your team’s files are stored in the cloud so everyone can access, edit, comment and share any of the files in real time from any device.

Box allows you to managing your content in the cloud fosters collaboration, improves security and lowers costs, so your entire organization can work as one, allowing you to have complete control of your content security while keeping your users happy.

Box integrates with your other systems like Google Apps, Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Adobe, and Salesforce to bring rich content management and security, enhanced support for 100+ document types and effective work inside and outside the organization.

Technology disruption is at an all time high, threatening some businesses and creating opportunities for others which is why companies are rethinking the workplace, processes and IT infrastructure in their organizations.

Box works with your company in making the journey from legacy IT to modernized, future-ready IT results in digital transformation that maximizes employee productivity, increases business agility and gives you the freedom to innovate.

The days of keeping important, critical files in-house will soon be a thing of the past, keeping your documents safe – that’s Box!

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