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完 HouseKeep

Makes it easy to find a trusted, experienced house 完 cleaner in the London area where customers can book a regular visit with a trusted cleaner every week or fortnight.


Housekeep makes it easy to find a brilliant local home cleaner!


Just enter your postcode and it will pair you with the best cleaner in your area.

You can get a clean every week, every fortnight, or whenever suits you because it’s safer, smarter, and of course, simpler.

HouseKeep Video

No calendar mix-ups, No hassle with cash, No stress – and no mess, just an easy experience, super responsive customer support, and a squad of experienced, vetted cleaners.

You can find out more via their social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube

In a busy world, you can now use a trusted source in keeping your home gleaming > HouseKeep!


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