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LampShop Online 💡 change your home or business lighting using the latest in led technology, caring for the environment?


LampShop Online is one of the UK’s largest online lighting suppliers that stock in excess of 5000 products.


This includes LED Tubes, LED Panels, Fluorescent Tubes, Compact Fluorescent Lamps, LED Downlights, Control Gear & Ballasts, and old-style light bulbs from all the major manufacturers

LampShop Online pride itself on exceptional customer service, 99% of our orders are delivered the next day and orders over £40 are delivered free of charge.

Moreover, orders are all picked, checked twice, packed carefully, bubble wrapped twice, and then shipped via UPS and Royal Mail meaning they have very few damages or returns.

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It’s a specialist in the area of LED Tube – an attractive lighting option for large businesses as it offers them huge electricity savings over a short payback period when replacing standard T8 fluorescent tubes. So you’re pretty sure that you can find whatever LED Lighting you’re looking for!

As experts in the area of lighting and with outstanding product knowledge, you can be sure that LampShop Online has all your lighting needs covered!


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